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About Us

Nana Fanny’s is named after Ivans grandmother, who, according to family legend, had a barrow on Brick Lane and a stable on Hanbury St.
From there, she brined beef as a method of preservation and to tenderise the meat.
She passed her recipes down to her daughter Sarah who carried on the family tradition. Based in East London, they were both market traders and keen cooks. During World War 2, Sarah brined beef following the techniques taught to her from her mother, the legendary Nana Fanny.
Ivan was born in 1944. Like his parents, he also had a keen interest in food and quickly became a London chef. He took the family recipe and modernised it becoming the 3rd generation of salt beef briners.
Following in his mothers’ footsteps, he and his wife Sandra became market traders continuing the Lester tradition for great Jewish soul food.
Born in 1969, Andrew is the fourth generation of Salt Beef purveyors bringing with him his own modernisations.
You’ll often find him behind the stall, serving and telling stories of his great grandmother, Nana Fanny.
Our menu is heavily influenced by our childhood and holiday favourites, from the East End of London to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem which is a melting pot of food and cultural diversities.
Falafel, hummus, fried cauliflower, sharing plates and vegetables with amazing sauces and dips. Salads dressed in simple oils and lemon. Pickled vegetables with the inclusion of beetroot often to create a vibrant pink colour seen throughout the middle east and of course Salt Beef brined, cooked and nurtured by us for 4 generations.


  • Hi you can’t get salt beef in Cornwall
    I found nanny fannys on line the best
    Salt beef loved it ex east end boy

    Rick Veysi
  • Great quality salt beef, comes next day and tastes amazing. Nicely packaged too and keeps well. Good customer service. 10 out of 10.


  • Nanafannys literally went the extra mile for me and I cannot thank them enough. I was a first time customer who ordered their raw salted brisket to cook at home for a special family meal. Their usual delivery agent failed to deliver on time on this one occasion. Andrew stepped into the breach and personally delivered a second order for me the very next day, in good time, no fuss and with a smile on his face. The salt beef was terrific too. What more could one ever ask for. I shall definitely be a returning customer. Thank you.


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