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Essex loves Salt Beef

When I first joined the family business, It was apparent that Salt Beef was well known in the East End of London (made famous by the bakery's in Brick Lane), and within the Jewish community, however, as our street food business expanded into other areas, we began to realise, alot of people just did not know what Salt Beef was.

10 years later, we sell more wholesale salt beef into Essex, than anywhere else. Cafe's, street food, restaurants have all seen that Salt Beef has become their number 1 seller, and thankfully they choose Nana Fannys as their preferred wholesale supplier of Salt Beef.

Having recently launched our free next day delivery service, you too can enjoy our cooked and raw Salt Beef, available in Essex and nationwide. We offer sizes from as little as 1 kilo, (approx 5 large sandwiches or 8 large bagels).

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